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Bedroom Makeover Can Be Done !!

Posted by Menna Atef in For Home on Mar 17, 2015.

غيرى فى ديكورات غرفة نومك​جددى فى حياتك..  مما لاشك فيه ان بعد مرور سنين من زواجك اصابك الملل من حياتك الزوجية و من كل ما يحيط بكى و لكنك مازلتى تحبين بيتك كثيرا و زوجك كثيرا و لكنك تحتاجين نغيرا بعلاقتك مع زوجك او بيتك و  بالطبع التغير يبدأ من غرفة نومك. فازا استطعت ان تعودى اطفالك على اللعب بالعابهم فى غرفتهم فقد قطعتى شوطا كبيرا فى السيطرة على شكل غرفة نومك. اما ازا حاولتى ان تقنعى زوجك ان يعلق ملابسه فى الدولاب فقد قطعتى شوطا اخر باتجاة غرفة النوم التى تحلمين بها. احيانا نريد ان نغير لون الحائط او غرفة النوم نفسها لكن نظرا لتكاليف الحياة الباهظة نأجل احلامنا للعام المقبل..

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غيرى فى ربطة حجابك لأطلالة شبابية رائعة

Posted by Menna Atef in For Women on Aug 24, 2015.

  غيرى فى ربطة حجابك لأطلالة شبابية رائعة  مما لا شك فيه أطلالتك تشغل بالك كثيرا , فانت تريدين أن تكونى انيقة عملية و متجددة . تابعى معنا السطور التالية لتكتشفى كيف يمكن لرابطة حجابك ان تغير مظهرك كليا.  لاحظنا فى السنوات السابقة تطورا ملحوظا فى شكل المرأة المحجبة فكان فى السابق الرابطة التقليدية هى السائدة و بكثرة لتناسبها مع معظم أشكال الوجوه فهى تليق على الوجه المستدير و الطويل و هى مازالت الى الأن موجودة و كثير من السيدات المحجبات يتبعونها . و بعدها انتشرت الايشاربات القطن الجيرسيه لتلقى رواجا ملحوظا بين الفتيات و السيدات الطامحات للتجديد فهى خفيفة و قطنية مناس..


How To Design Your Kid's Bedroom

Posted by Menna Atef in For Kids, For Home on Jun 13, 2015.

  How To Design Your Kid's Bedroom When you are planning to design your kid’s room you have to take into consideration how fast they will grow up so you have to be ready for the change that will occur in their lifestyle and items. kid’s bedrooms need to be adaptable places – the best designs will be a reflection of your kid’s distinctive character and keep the chaos of toys and playtime all controlled in one place. This is the main room in your home where your kids are free to be themselves and play without limitation, so it’s necessary to create a space in which they can ..


10 Fashion trends men and women shall follow this spring / summer 2016

Posted by Menna Atef in For Women on Jul 05, 2016.

10 Fashion trends men and women shall follow this spring / summer 2016   Clearances for spring / summer 2016 have been started and to know what to choose from these deals, we toured the different fashion media for women such as Elle, vogue, cosmopolitan and for male (GQ , like a truck , ...) and have identified  following 10 trends to adopt by men and women during spring 2016. 1-     Pink jacket for ladies Credit ASOS This spring / summer 2016, girls get pink! Leather, denim, linen ..


It’s Not Good to Be Bankrupt after Shopping

Posted by Ray Donovan in Guest Post, For Women on May 15, 2015.

Guess who can be the loyal readers of a book titled “How to save while shopping?” Obviously, those who leave for home with not even a single penny in a pocket after shopping. Jokes Apart. The harsh reality of being spendthrift while shopping cost us when we have to pay for utility bills or other expenses. Be a wise shopper and know how to save your money while shop for your favorite stuff. Saving bucks on shopping is more than stepping in mall when it is sale. You can use these tricks to save some bucks at least for a taxi fare for a home. Here we have pointed some of the essential shopping ti..


8 Essentials to Dress like a Grunge Girl of 90’s.

Posted by Ray Donovan in Guest Post, For Women on May 04, 2015.

8 Essentials to Dress like a Grunge Girl of 90’s. Grunge is the trademark fashion of 1990s, and is now revived by the 2010’s vogue. The fashion is characterized by its oversized and funky apparels, and emerged as the impactful articulation for casual and carefree attitude. The trend was started in the ending 80’s and its popularity was attributed to the rock bands like, Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses, and Pearl Jams. One of the latest fashion trends, pick grunge to flaunt your ultra-casual appeal and for great comfort, as well. Plaid Shirt: Those days, plaid shirts were the rage from street ..

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The 10 Thrift Shopping Rules Of Engagement!

Posted by Natalia Duma in Guest Post, For Women on Sep 10, 2015.

The 10 Thrift Shopping Rules Of Engagement! We’ve all had that phase when you get tired of the things you see in your closet and want something else. Then you realize you don’t have enough to do your usual mall shopping. But, never fear, because the thrift shop is here! Yes, a trip to the nearest thrift shop might just be the answer to your shopping craving, without your wallet screaming for help. Here are ten things you should keep in mind when buying used clothes: 1.     Get rid of your thrift shop prejudice! People think that thrift shops are the breeding..


Dress To Impress That Special Someone

Posted by Emma in Guest Post, For Men on Aug 19, 2016.

  Dress To Impress That Special Someone  So, you are going on a first date and you believe that she is the special someone you have always been looking for. Probably, you have booked the perfect venue for dinner and have pre-planned everything from scratch to make the date an unforgettable one for her. Now, all you need is to dress up properly. Remember that when you are out to impress someone and want that person to like you back as much as you like her, then presenting yourself nicely and in the best possible way is extremely important. While people say that the way to a woma..


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