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8 Essentials to Dress like a Grunge Girl of 90’s.

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8 Essentials to Dress like a Grunge Girl of 90’s8 Essentials to Dress like a Grunge Girl of 90’s.

Grunge is the trademark fashion of 1990s, and is now revived by the 2010’s vogue. The fashion is characterized by its oversized and funky apparels, and emerged as the impactful articulation for casual and carefree attitude. The trend was started in the ending 80’s and its popularity was attributed to the rock bands like, Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses, and Pearl Jams. One of the latest fashion trends, pick grunge to flaunt your ultra-casual appeal and for great comfort, as well.

Plaid Shirt:

Those days, plaid shirts were the rage from street to screen. If you want the true grunge transformation, then keep plaid shirt with bold colors in your closet. Make sure, these shirts are loose and ragged, so that you can wear them over t-shirts. In this era of “fit”, the oversize shirts are hard to find in leading brands, but thrift stores. Wear your plaid shirt over skinny and faded jeans.

Printed Tops:

A blouse carrying the colorful prints like flowers, boxes, and geometrical objects has been common in the wardrobe celebrities of 90’s. Dress it with high waist jeans.

A Graphical T shirt:

Since the decade marked the rise of eminent music bands, it’s obvious to see their influence on the outfits. Pick the t-shirt featuring the prints of rockbands or rockstar. Show your grunge appeal by wearing it beneath your oversize shirt or just let it to be paired with the rugged shorts or jeans.

Crop Top:

Crop Top is another essential for your grunge regimen and shows a bit of your midsection. You guess it right! It is the trend popularized by Gwen Stefani. You don’t need to buy, rather you can take it out from your old top. How? Just Crop it from the bottom and make it sleeveless. You trendy crop top is ready to be the talk of the town!

Tank Top:

Sometime the grunge fashion goes beyond its oversized components in the form of slim fits like top tank. These pieces makes your gorgeous when wearing under plaid shirts. Moreover, you get a license to wear you bra strap off the shoulders.

Babydoll Dress:

It is the outfit striking you whenever you thinks of 90’s fashion. Babydoll dress spares the feminine side amidst the oversized and rugged clothes defining grunge fashion. You can dress it with up leather jackets while covering your waist with matching color belt. 


Jeans received a great transformation when they were introduced in 1990s. The denim trousers used to feature holes, designs, and were vague in color. Everybody’s lower body is clad with the pair of ripped and ragged jeans. For grunge look, pick any of your worn out jeans and be the best at your artwork.

Denim Overalls:

Your grunge wardrobe is incomplete if it is missing overalls. One of the trademark fashion of 1990s, pick overalls to match with your t-shirt.


Besides clothing, wear accessories like cross, bracelets, large earrings and rings for a complete grunge look. Buy a pair of combat boots to be worn with jeans or skirt.

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